Hey, requesting Card VIADA and enjoy all the benefits and services we offer.

Card VIADA it is a choice directed only to the particular User with which you can get discounts and special promotions carried out by our members in the directory. The card can be used in person, or remotely via mobile phone.


What are the benefits?

With Card VIADA you can get discounts and special prices in restaurants, drinks, attractions, shops, theater, transportation, museums, exhibitions, events, etc.

How to use the card?

Once the application form filled will receive a document to be used from the start. Then present the card to any Member of VIADA to benefit from the relevant promotion.

You have several ways to use:

  • Presenting and showing it in person (for those users who regularly frequent or live in Ciutat Vella Barcelona).
  • For those who visit us occasionally or tourist form, you can use the digital version.
  • In both cases there is a mobile version.

What does it cost?

Card VIADA it is free thanks to our sponsors, you just have to fill out a form with your data (confidential, non-public information). Then you send the card and the user keys in the email address we have indicated.